Filling out my Catering Service Details

Catering Service Details are the final touches on your Roaming Hunger account. Here, you will be able to share some of the specifics of how your business operates to better help our agents send you the right event leads. To access this section on your Dashboard, go to Settings à Catering Service Details. 

The first section covers your service range. Enter your primary address, and let us know how far you’re able to drive from that central point. The more accurate this is, the more accurate your location will be on our site. 

Next, let us know your service capacities. How many eaters can you serve in an hour? How many hours of service are normal for your business? 

In the next section, you’ll be able to set your Catering Service Charge Minimum amounts. This is the minimum payment you are willing to accept for a catering event. You can customize that number by day of the week and by lunch or dinner service. This is how we ensure that we are sending you profitable event leads. 

If your business is not a truck, or if you offer more catering services than just truck service, check out the Service Capabilities section. Checking these boxes will make you eligible for more kinds of events, including:

  • Drop-Off Deliveries - You will be dropping off food at the venue.
  • Pop-Up Service - You will be serving from a tent or table.
  • Made-to-Order Service - You can accommodate special orders onsite.
  • Station Style Service - Your catering setup includes themed stations with servers.
  • Buffet Style Service - You can provide a self-service catering setup.
  • Licensed Bar Service - Your setup includes alcohol.

Lastly, check 4 of your areas of expertise. These will display on your public profile so our booking agents and hungry event organizers will know upfront if you can meet their catering needs. Save, and you’re done with this section! 

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