How do I make a Menu?

We love showing off your food to prospective clients! Here is how you can maximize your menu’s appeal, both on your public profile and on catering proposals.

Start by logging on to your Roaming Hunger Dashboard and selecting Settings → Your Menu.

Let’s get started by adding your first item. Click “Add New Item” to open the editing panel.

When the Add New Item box pops up, you’re ready to fill in your information.

  1. Item Name: What are you selling? Is it a “Burger” or a “100% Angus Beef Burger?” Is it a “Taco” or an “Asada Street Taco?”
  2. Item Description: Show off your quality ingredients. You might even mention signature or secret sauces. Don’t worry, we won’t give away your secrets.
  3. Item Category: Choose from the list of five food categories that best fits your item. For now, we’ll save “Drinks” for specialty drinks. We’ll get to sodas and water later.
  4. Item Options: Add cheese, make it Vegan, offer a half portion. Let your clients know how they can customize their orders. Make sure to hit “Submit” for each option before saving the menu item.
  5. Show on Profile: Toggle this if you want an item to display publicly or privately.
  6. Save

Once you've created your menu item, click on it again to upload a photo. To upload, click "Upload New Image" or drag and drop from your desktop. Photos that are square and smaller than 3MB work best.

If you add at least three images, they will display as a banner on your public profile. Make sure you're showing off your bestsellers.

At the bottom of your menu page, you’ll see two boxes for Drinks & Desserts. These are basic offerings, such as canned soda or prepackaged desserts not always served with the main fare. All specialty drinks or desserts should be their own menu items.

Click “Edit” to enter your offerings in each category. Pick a standard price that covers all items in this category.

Save, then select the blue “Enable” button to make this an option for catering events.

If you have questions about your menu or would like Roaming Hunger to make these changes for you, please email the Vendor Team at

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